Training and professional development

We ease the introduction of new education programmes by providing training for officials, teachers and examiners in curriculum development and assessment.

Training for senior officers and examiners

We provide capability-building courses for senior officers and selected examiners in item writing, standardisation and quality assurance of question papers and mark schemes. We also offer ongoing professional development to meet the needs of particular staff.

Courses are available in all aspects of the examination process including assessment administration, development of assessment instruments (e.g. data capture and management) and delivery of assessment. This ranges from the management of various types of question paper meetings to the issues involved in benchmarking and grading.

Training for teachers

Governments around the world tell us how important support for teachers is to the education process. Teachers who are well supported are able to offer the best education possible and develop successful students.

We offer teachers an extensive programme including online training, face-to-face training, e-learning and training via video conference.

The Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers, a professional development qualification, is an increasingly popular means of effectively providing professional development in a national context.

Localising Cambridge exams

We help governments to localise Cambridge examinations so that they can be managed by national authorities. We give support and guidance at every step.

We provide assessment and professional support during the transition as well as training for assessment staff, item writers and teachers.

Administrative and technical support during transition is also given, as well as help with benchmarking and maintaining standards. Cambridge has a strong track record in providing consultancy for curriculum and assessment changes to successfully meet education reform programmes.